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A screwdriver bit set is a tool for driving screws that can be attached to most drilling power tools. Every screw has a contoured head that allows an appropriate screwdriver tip to engage in it, causing the screw to rotate when enough torque is applied to the screwdriver.


Best Brands of Screwdriver Bits

Makita and Metabo, two of the most popular cordless tool brands in the UK, have introduced a new line of Power tool Accessories, such as Screwdriver Bits, for their customers at the most competitive prices. These are available at Toolbit.


Features of Screwdriver Bits

Any drill bit set will include a variety of drill bits in various sizes for a variety of applications. Furthermore, because this size is critical, you must be aware of the size range provided by a specific drill bit set. These drill bit sets range in size from 1/16 inch to 12 inches or 3/16 inch to 14 inches, depending on the kit.