Abrasive Accessories

Top-Notch Abrasive Gear for a Smooth Sailing!

If you’re in the UK and on the hunt for top-notch abrasive accessories, you’re in the right place. These gritty tools are the go-to for shaping, smoothing, and finishing materials like a pro. From the grit of sandpaper to the fierce spin of grinding wheels, and the precision of abrasive discs, we’ve got the gear you need for metalwork, woodwork, automotive wizardry, and construction mastery.

Time to Get Gritty!

Get Scoop on Abrasive Accessories:

Meet your new best buddies: sandpaper, grinder wheels, and abrasive discs. These tough companions will chew through materials like a champ. Sandpaper is your go-to for crafting a polished look on wood, metal, or paint. Grinder wheels, on the other hand, are heavy-duty spinners that excel in material removal, tool sharpening, and metal shaping. All shapes and sizes are available, just like your options.

Quality and compatibility are the name of the game when it comes to picking your gear. We’ve curated an extensive range of abrasive accessories designed to meet the needs of pros and DIY enthusiasts alike. Whether you’re after grinding wheels, sanding discs, or polishing pads, we’ve got the arsenal you need. Our accessories are built to last and deliver precision like no other.

With safety and user-friendliness in mind, our products are made to seamlessly integrate with your existing tools. They’ll boost efficiency and make your results pop. Explore our range today and discover the perfect abrasive accessories for your projects. You’ll see the difference in quality and performance for yourself.

Unleash the Arsenal: Types of Abrasive Accessories

Buy Sanding Blocks:

For smooth and even surfaces, you need sanding blocks by your side. These trusty wooden, foamy, or rubbery blocks come with an abrasive-coated surface. They keep the pressure consistent and prevent uneven wear on the abrasive. Perfect for hand sanding, they’re essential for nailing precise, flat, and scratch-free finishes on your woodworking endeavors.

Best Grinding Wheel Dressers:

Metalwork and machining enthusiasts, meet your saviors: grinding wheel dressers. Over time, abrasive grinding wheels can get wonky and gunked up. Dressers are your go-to for bringing them back to life. Whether it’s a single-point diamond dresser or a star wheel dresser, we’ve got the tools to suit your needs. Properly dressed wheels mean improved surface quality and a longer abrasive wheel life.

Top Abrasive Disc Backing Pads:

Abrasive discs, like the ones in orbital sanders and angle grinders, rely on backing pads for stability and control. These cushioned pads, made of rubber or foam, make sure your abrasive discs glide smoothly across curved or contoured surfaces. Say goodbye to vibrations and gouges! Choosing the right backing pad is key to getting smooth and consistent finishes while preventing early wear and tear.

Deal Wire Brush Attachments:

Wire brush attachments are your secret weapon for rust, paint, and stubborn debris removal from metal surfaces. These bad boys come with hub-mounted wire bristles, usually made of steel or brass. Cup brushes, wheel brushes, brush discs – we’ve got it all, each tailored for specific tasks. Attach them to angle grinders, drills, or bench grinders, and you’ve got versatile tools for prepping and cleaning like a pro.

Buy Sanding Drum Kits now 

Sanding drum kits are the unsung heroes of precise shaping and smoothing on curved or tricky surfaces. Each kit is a treasure trove of sanding drums in different sizes and grits, complete with the mounting hardware you need. Pair them up with rotary tools like drills or Dremel-style machines for fine detail work, intricate sanding, and contouring. They’re the perfect sidekicks for woodworkers, hobbyists, and craftsmen.

Best Flap Discs:

Flap discs are your double-duty buddies, combining the powers of grinding and sanding in one accessory. With overlapping abrasive flaps glued to a central hub, they tackle material removal like a boss. Pair them with angle grinders for aggressive removal while leaving you with a smoother finish compared to traditional grinding wheels. These versatile champs work on metals, wood, and plastics, and they’re the go-to in fabrication and metalworking.

Cream of the Crop: Top UK Brands for Abrasive Accessories

Norton Abrasives (Saint-Gobain Abrasives):

Norton Abrasives, part of Saint-Gobain Abrasives, is a global heavyweight in abrasive tech. With a history stretching over 130 years, Norton is known for crafting high-quality abrasive gear. They offer a complete lineup, including grinding wheels, sanding belts, cutting discs, and diamond tools. From construction to automotive and beyond, Norton’s precision and innovation make them a trusted choice.

3M Abrasives:

3M, the multinational juggernaut, is a jack of all trades, and their abrasive accessories are no exception. 3M Abrasives offers cutting-edge solutions for industries like aerospace, automotive, and manufacturing. Whether it’s abrasive discs, sandpaper, or grinding wheels, 3M brings innovation to the table, catering to both pros and DIYers. Their focus on quality and sustainability makes them a top pick in the UK.

Mirka Abrasives:

Mirka, the Finnish sensation, has made a mark in the UK market. They’re all about dust-free sanding solutions, introducing gems like the Mirka DEROS electric sanders and Abranet sanding discs. These accessories are known for efficiency, durability, and their magic ability to reduce airborne dust. Your work environment and your finished surfaces will thank you for choosing Mirka.


Flexovit, part of the Saint-Gobain Abrasives group, is a UK mainstay, delivering high-performance abrasive solutions for decades. From grinding wheels and cutting discs to sandpaper and flap discs, they’ve got your back. Flexovit is all about quality control and consistent performance, making them a trusted choice for pros in construction, metal fabrication, and engineering.


Pferd, the German heavyweight, has found its way to the UK and specializes in abrasive and cutting tools. They’ve got an extensive catalog of abrasive accessories, including mounted points, grinding wheels, flap wheels, and wire brushes. Precision engineering and innovative solutions are their bread and butter, making their abrasive products must-haves for metalworking, welding, and surface finishing.


Klingspor, a German favorite, has taken the UK by storm. They’re known for their wide selection of abrasive belts, sanding discs, and cutting wheels. Klingspor is all about delivering durable and high-performance abrasive gear that fits the bill for industrial applications, woodworking, and metalworking. Their commitment to quality and research means you’re getting top-notch accessories that perform like a dream.

Supercharge Your Projects with Abrasive Accessories

Unlock the Potential: Uses of Abrasive Accessories

Surface Preparation and Smoothing:

Abrasive accessories like sanding blocks, sandpaper, and abrasive discs are your partners in crime for removing imperfections, rough spots, and old finishes. Get your surfaces primed and smooth, providing the perfect canvas for coatings, paint, or adhesive applications. You’ll be able to achieve precise, polished finishes with ease.

Metal Grinding and Shaping:

In the world of metalworking, abrasive accessories are your trusty sidekicks. Grinding wheels, flap discs, and wire brush attachments are your go-to tools for grinding, shaping, and finishing metal components. They help you remove excess material, create specific shapes, and smooth out those rough edges. These accessories are the key to hitting the mark when it comes to dimensional accuracy and surface quality, whether you’re in aerospace engineering or manufacturing.

Rust and Paint Removal:

When it’s time to bid farewell to rust and paint, reach for wire brush attachments, abrasive discs, and sanding drums. Wire brushes are your corrosion and old coating exterminators, prepping surfaces for refinishing or restoration. Abrasive discs offer a quick and efficient way to strip away layers of paint or rust. They’re indispensable in construction, automotive restoration, and maintenance.

Precision Sanding and Detail Work:

For those moments when precision matters most, turn to abrasive accessories like sanding drums and mounted points. They’re your go-to tools for intricate shaping, contouring, and sanding on small or curved surfaces. Craftsmen, hobbyists, and artisans rely on these tools for delicate woodworking, model-making, and fine detailing in creative projects.

Deburring and Edge Chamfering:

Deburring is a make-or-break step in manufacturing and metalworking processes. Abrasive accessories like flap wheels and grinding wheel dressers come to the rescue, removing sharp edges, burrs, and irregularities from machinery or cut metal parts. Plus, they can create chamfers, bevels, or radii on edges, boosting safety, functionality, and the overall aesthetics of the final products.

Concrete and Masonry Work:

Construction and abrasive accessories go hand in hand, especially when dealing with concrete and masonry. Diamond blades, cup wheels, and grinding cups are your best friends for cutting, grinding, and shaping concrete and stone surfaces. These accessories ensure precise and efficient material removal, a must for tasks like tile installation, concrete repair, and architectural detailing.

The Sweet Perks of Abrasive Accessories

Enhanced Material Removal:

Abrasive accessories are your ticket to rapid and efficient material removal. Whether it’s grinding, sanding, or polishing, they make short work of unwanted material on your workpiece. This boosted material removal rate saves time and cuts down on energy consumption, making abrasive processes cost-effective.

Precision and Consistency:

With abrasive accessories, you’re in the driver’s seat for precise and consistent material removal. You get to control the depth and rate of removal, ensuring your workpieces meet tight tolerances and quality standards. This level of precision is a game-changer, especially in industries like aerospace, where even the tiniest deviations matter.


Abrasive accessories are incredibly versatile, handling a wide range of materials and applications. Whether you’re working with metals, wood, plastics, or composites, there’s an abrasive accessory made just for your task. This flexibility makes abrasive accessories a must-have across industries, from automotive manufacturing to woodworking and construction.

Surface Finishing:

Achieving the perfect surface finish is a must in many applications. From prepping surfaces for painting to ensuring proper functionality, abrasive accessories like sandpaper and polishing pads excel at providing smooth and consistent finishes. They remove imperfections, burrs, and scratches, while also creating the desired textures or gloss levels, enhancing the aesthetic and functional qualities of your workpiece.

Increased Tool Longevity:

Choosing the right abrasive accessories can prolong the life of your abrasive tools like grinding wheels and sanding belts. Grinding wheel dressers play a crucial role in maintaining the shape and sharpness of your grinding wheels, extending their usability and reducing replacement costs. This is especially important in industries where abrasive tools can be costly to replace.

Safety and Control:

When it comes to abrasive processes, safety and control are paramount. Abrasive accessories provide stability, reducing the risk of workpiece damage or accidents. These safety measures are essential for creating a secure working environment for operators.