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Wheel Cutter

Blades attached to machines are known as cutter wheels, which use thrust and rotation to cut away soil. Cutting wheels are installed on horizontal drilling or boring machines in trenchless technology to create a small space between the machine’s outer and inner edges, reducing friction. Depending on the soil in which the boring is to be done, various types of cutting heads are employed. The cutting wheel used for alluvial, sandy, or gravely soil contains teeth that remove the blocks, which are subsequently crushed. The cutting wheels have scrappers that chip out the dirt for soils like silt, clay, or cohesive soils. Rotary cutters with tiny apertures are used to cut through rocks. The tensile and shear strains caused by the thrust cause the rocks to crack and release.

Types of Wheel Cutter

  • Cup wheel: Tool and Cutter grinders employ a cup wheel. It has the benefit of creating a fully flat surface on the side of lathe tools and is utilised (and dressed) on the side face.
  • Straight wheel: Due to their advantages over chisels, straight wheels are among the most popular styles of wheels and can be found on bench or pedestal grinders.
  • Cylinder wheel: A cylinder wheel is characterised by a long, wide surface that lacks a mounting support in the middle. It is only used in vertical or horizontal spindle grinders and is often enormous, measuring up to 12″ in width.
  • Tapered wheel: This type of wheel tapers outward toward the centre, much like a straight wheel. It is more resistant to larger lateral loads than straight wheels and stronger than them.
  •  A saucer wheel is used to polish twist drills and milling cutters. It is frequently applied in fields other than machining.
  •  Industrial diamonds are attached to the outside of a diamond wheel, which is used for grinding. Concrete, jewels, carbide tips, and other exceedingly hard materials are ground using this method.
  • Grinding wheels: Abrasive is used in grinding wheels to remove material off the surface of objects. The size of the abrasives is determined by the grit size of the grinding wheels. The polishing and sanding abilities of abrasives increase with their fineness. For forceful grinding, coarse abrasives are utilised.

Angle Grinder Wheel

The grinding disc is the most noticeable and perhaps the most used disc among the several types of angle grinder discs. Different types and sizes of grinding wheels are available (as the tasks they are expected to do and the size of the angle grinders are varied). Grit is used to gauge the hardness and smoothness of grinding discs. Similar to sandpaper, a grinding disc with a lower grit number is coarser than one with a higher number, and vice versa. Low grit grinding discs remove the material more quickly, but they also generate more sparks and give the surface a rougher appearance. Compared to high grit discs, they can potentially cause more scratches and minor burns. Ronix manufactures various-sized, high-quality grinding discs.

Cut-off Discs

The cut-off disc is the second most popular wheel for angle grinders. Cut-off discs are used to cut metal bars and metal sheets, as their name implies. Cut-off wheels are narrower than grinding wheels in order to provide the most precise cuts. Working with them is riskier because of this. Angle grinders are brittle and easily break if you suddenly shift their position or use them in a way that causes them to flex. A cutting wheel that has broken into small pieces is dangerous and may cause significant harm. Therefore, if using an angle grinder to cut something, you should wear top-notch safety equipment. Dealing with Ronix cut-off discs is safer than working with discs of lower quality because they are composed of the best materials.

Diamond Wheel Cutter

Among angle grinder discs, diamond cutting discs are without a doubt the sharpest. Diamonds are affixed to the surface of the edges of these wheels. They typically use a cutting rim to carry out the cutting procedure. The more robust they are and the longer you can use them, the higher the cutting rim. Ronix manufactures effective and incredibly durable diamond cutting discs with a 10mm cutting rim. The diamond cutting discs are appropriate for cutting resistant and difficult-to-penetrate materials, such as all varieties of granite, due to their diamond edges. Additionally, they are employed in both dry and wet cutting processes.