Best Vacuum Accessory Sets At The Moment

Vacuum Accessory Sets

Vacuum Direct offers a full selection of accessories for your vacuum cleaner or steam cleaner. Shop our wide selection of vacuum attachments, and find the perfect tool for every cleaning job in your home. Vacuum accessories are an integral part of getting the most out of your vacuum cleaner investment. Every vacuum cleaner manufacture also develops different accessories for use with their various vacuum cleaner models. Many vacuums will come with a basic set of accessories and depending on the life of the actual vacuum some of these may need to be replaced due to wear over time.

Replacement Filter for GIBTOOL SCGH0032 Vacuum Cleaner

This set of gadgets comes with a variety of attachments for use on various surfaces, including walls, drapes, and baseboards. Cleaning your floors, carpets, and upholstered furniture will be easier than ever, even if you have dogs, thanks to this product’s versatility. For the most thorough cleaning, use it in tandem with a reputable dog vacuum brush. Those in need of a basic but adaptable addition to their vacuum cleaning can go no farther than the GIBTOOL SCGH0032 vacuum attachment kit. All the dust, filth, and pet hair in your house will be gone after using the five different cleaning attachments and one size converter included in this versatile set. The components of this set are tiny enough that they may be stored in a hall closet or on a utility shelf even if no such storage is supplied. The GIBTOOL SCGH0032 vacuum accessory kit allows you to provide your own attachments or replace a worn-out set from your current vacuum. These attachments’ strong bristles are ideal for scrubbing dirt and dust off carpeting. The numerous crevice tools are also helpful for pet owners who need to get to those hard-to-reach places. Finally, you can clean your furniture and blinds without creating extra static with the help of the upholstery tool, which has anti-static protection.

  • Incredibly versitile
  • Great compatabiliy
  • Included size adapter

Vacuum Attachment for ANBOO Model

This product is perfect for those who have a large house with hardwood floors. In houses with tile or hardwood flooring, the large head and strong bristles are ideal for kicking up dirt and dust. If you have hardwood floors or tiles with deep crevices, the ANBOO 8542019759 vacuum accessory is a great choice. Natural horsehair bristles are used in this model to maintain durability while still being gentle on your hardwood floors, in contrast to other vacuum heads that use shallow or plastic bristles. The bristles also help to expel allergens like dust and pet dander from your floors, reducing the severity of allergy attacks. The front slits in the brush make it simple to push obstacles into the hose, even when the bristles become tangled with pet hair. The ANBOO 8542019759 vacuum attachment has great compatibility across a wide range of popular brands due to its universal 1.25incn inner hose diameter and high-quality bristles. This brush can be rotated a full 360 degrees, making it ideal for cleaning corners and crevices in tight spaces like the basement’s ceiling, walls, and under furniture. Finally, this vacuum brush attachment has an 11″ width, so it can clean a large area in one swift motion, reducing the amount of time and effort required to clean.

  • Impressive bristles
  • Rotating head
  • Good coverage

Vacuum Attachment 32-1545-69 from EnviroCare

The spinning head and powerful suction of this cleaning tool make it a top selection. A heightened entrance means dirt, hair, and dust won’t get caught in the attachment when it’s sucked up from the floor. Those who have hardwood or tile floors and value a clean, sanitary environment will find the EnviroCare 32-1545-69 an excellent investment. This lightweight accessory makes it simple to attach to most vacuum models and reach the often-forgotten crevices of hard flooring. The sturdy bristles agitate contaminants while remaining soft and not leaving marks. This attachment may sometimes dislodge from certain brands of vacuums, but its sturdy plastic construction ensures that it will survive even the slightest drop.In addition to durable bristles and being kind to floors, the EnviroCare 32-1545-69 vacuum brush head makes it simple to clean more than just your floors. Cleaning under furniture and around baseboards is a breeze with this attachment thanks to the swivelling head. Additionally, the bristles will not mark up your walls or paint if you decide to vacuum the cobwebs from your ceilings or corners.

  • Incredible airflow
  • Nice bristles
  • Rotating head

A WORKSHOP VT1215 Vacuum Attachment

This multifaceted product features multiple parts to ensure that you can reach small spaces and crevices. This type is great for routinely cleaning dust and debris off of furniture, electronics, and automobiles. If you need to give your electronics or automobile a thorough cleaning, the WORKSHOP VT1215 vacuum accessory kit is an excellent option. You may switch between the three included heads, use the two included extension poles, or use the blowing adapter to release dirt and grime. The little crevice tool and brushes are great for getting into tight spaces and corners, but they won’t do the job of cleaning an entire floor. The WORKSHOP VT1215 vacuum accessory kit is an excellent addition to your existing auto cleaning equipment or computer hardware repair business since it contains a micro-cleaning kit. With the help of the little crevice tool, you can clean in between your keyboard’s keys or your car’s seats, and the various brushes may help to dislodge dust and grime, allowing you to clean your equipment more efficiently. The supplied extension wands, both straight and angled, let you to reach behind vehicle seats and clean places you can’t normally reach.

  • Excellent reach
  • Great for electronics
  • Soft on delicate devices

Wonlives 8542020098 Vacuum Accessory

This many-piece set has ample cleaning power and extensive compatibility. This set is ideal for cleaning vehicles, garages, and living rooms because to its robust bristles and sturdy plastic construction. If you’re searching for a flexible collection of tools to improve your cleaning routine, the Wonlives 8542020098 vacuum attachment kit is an excellent option. This adaptable set of tools is suitable for use with any vacuum that has a hose diameter between 32mm and 35mm, since it comes with a size adjustment tool. In addition, the kit’s five detachable cleaning heads make short work of pet hair, spills, and everyday dust. Even though the heads are on the tiny side, they allow you to clean places a regular vacuum head couldn’t get to. The Wonlives 8542020098 vacuum attachment kit has excellent vacuum compatibility and has interchangeable cleaning heads that make cleaning a breeze. The larger of the two crevice tools is ideal for cracks between wooden surfaces like furniture and flooring. To gently remove dirt before whisking it away, use the smaller crevice tool’s swivelling brush. Finally, if you have pets, you should get a vacuum with an upholstery attachment and an anti-static strip to prevent re-hairing.

  • Incredibly tough on dirt
  • Great compatability
  • Nice upholstery tool

Safety Tips of Vacuum Accessory Set

  • Lift just one piece of material at a time, for example, and use the correct equipment.
    When in doubt, check the manual.
  • Loads that are too heavy for the vacuum lifter should not be moved using it.
    Avoid using vacuum lifting until absolutely necessary, and then only for single-item manipulation. Evaluate carefully the potential for separation between lifted goods. Stay below the safe working limit.
  • Get a nice vacuum going between the load and the suction pads. Damage to the suction pads may reduce their ability to effectively create a vacuum.
  • Limit who is able to enter “lifting zones,” particularly around machinery that operates automatically. Provide guarding or other measures to prevent operators from being harmed by falling or shifting loads.
  • Do not move a vacuum-lifted cargo if doing so may cause harm to anybody in the event of a drop. Injury and damage to equipment and essential services may be
  • avoided by carefully planning and managing all material transfers. It’s important to establish and maintain well-marked paths for travellers to follow.
  • Loaded vacuum pads should be moved no more than 1.5 metres above the ground. In cases when such is not possible, further safety measures should be explored.
    Make plans for handling unexpected situations, such what to do if the power goes out or if equipment breaks, or if loads are moved around.