Best Spanners At The Moment


In addition to a socket set, spanners are an essential part of any car owner’s tool kit who intends to do more than just check the fluid levels. DIY screwdrivers and pliers can be used on a car, but a metric combination set of spanners is essential for automotive work. An open and ring metric set will make it possible to work on a wide variety of older British vehicles that require imperial sizes, such as AF. Which of these collections caught our eye? As there were eight different collections to examine, we were kept quite busy in the workshop.

Types of Spanner

The Halfords Professional 12-Piece Spanner Set, 8-19mm

Simply sliding your fingers into the foam tray will reveal that this Halfords set is of superior quality. With plenty of space for removing individual tools and clearly marked dimensions, this tray is ideal for use in a tool chest. A nicer polish and rounded corners set this spanner apart from the competition. The only issue we had was that the open end of the 10mm was slightly too big, but other than that, it passed all of our tests with flying colors. Not the cheapest, but a great value for the money.

Clarke Professional Tools PRO20 12-Piece Combination Wrench Set, Full Polish

Recommended The PRO20, which finished second in our previous comparison in 2015, is back on top. While the price has gone up by more than 10 pounds since then, otherwise, nothing has changed. The spanners are noticeably heavier and more ergonomic than their test competitors. In addition to passing all of our tests with flying colors, this set also happens to be the best option if your vehicle has a large number of tiny fasteners (sizes begin at 6mm). It’s frustrating that the tool rack still doesn’t hold the tools. The pricing comparison was tight, but Halfords comes out on top.

SP1236 Silverline 12-Piece Combination Spanner Set

Recommended It’s a terrific alternative if you’re trying to stretch a tool budget that’s been steadily decreasing, and it costs less than This set may not have the finest quality, and there are longer tools available, but it will do the job just well. Not every set here passed our size and torque tests, but this one did. The sizes are only printed on one side of each tool, which raises questions, but at this price, it’s understandable and likely tolerable.

AK63255 Sealey Premier 16-Piece Combination Spanner Set, Cold-Stamped

A previous test winner, Sealey’s spanner set comes up short in this round. The set is well-designed in many ways: the sizes range from 6mm to 22mm and are stored in a tool cabinet-friendly EVA (ethylene and vinyl acetate) foam tray. Unfortunately, the tray has no size markings, the finger holes are too small, and the tool sizes are hidden when stored. Only after the torque test did it fail, and even then only because the 17mm ring was slightly too big. Suitable if you want to extend your reach.

12-Piece Draper Expert Spanner Wrench Set (Part Number: 47044)

Draper has won this competition twice, but he was unable to compete with the top teams using these sets. The tools are organised in a rack with clear size markings. The smooth coating on the tools makes them pleasant to use.
During the torque-misuse evaluation, both the 10mm and 13mm spanners showed signs of bending due to being slightly oversize. It was still serviceable, but it didn’t help the Draper get the win in a tight race.

Set of Spanners, Draper Expert 14-Piece 29547

Although this package is the priciest we tested, you get a lot of bang for your buck because to the large quantity and high quality of the equipment included. All the basics are here, and if you need to work on bigger cars, sizes up to 32mm are also readily available.
The spanners come in a tidy, labelled tool roll that can be mounted on the wall for easy access. The tools themselves are functional, however the low marks in the size and torque tests were caused by the fact that the smaller tools are identical to those found in Draper’s 47044 set.

Hilka Spanner Set, 32 Piece, 16213203

Like the Draper 29547, it’s one of the more expensive sets here, but you get a lot for your money in terms of the number of tools. These come in both standard and short lengths, as well as imperial and metric systems, making them useful for a wide range of vehicle repairs.
Their test results show that they are the heaviest and most comfortable to use. The three slightly too large spanners (we only tried standard sizes) were the least successful. It’s not the most extensive set, but it’s great if you need it to be.

Set of Spanners, Kamasa Model SP2414, 14-Piece

This set may be a good compromise between the Draper 29547 set and your desired size range. There are omissions in the sizing range, so be sure to double-check before placing an order. It’s the only set we looked at that didn’t begin with our standard 8mm size.
The spanners are comfortable in the hand thanks to the polished chrome finish, but the thin shaft edges are a common complaint among the tools in this set. A good value for the larger tools, but the 13mm didn’t fit, and the 17mm ended up being too big after the torque test.

How to Use For Spanner

  • It’s difficult to picture a toolbox containing anything other than a spanner. Several distinct types of wrenches, or “spanners,” can be purchased today. Whether it’s a double-ended or an adjustable spanner, you can always find a use for it. Spanners are most often used to loosen and tighten nuts and bolts. Wrenches are another name for this instrument across the globe. Spanners are commonly used as a means of gripping and turning fasteners. In order to function, most spanners require human intervention. As an illustration, the slide format is more suited to quick transitions.
  • An adjustable spanner is a versatile tool that may be used for a variety of tasks. Position your thumb on the spanner’s gear and spin it forward with your fingers. The jaw may be adjusted to open wider with this motion. This causes an increase in the space between the two jaws. This makes it easy to hold and aids in turning for extended periods of time. You must first wrap the fixed spanner jaws around the fastener, and then spin the gear in the direction of the handle until it rests firmly on the fastener. Several different kinds of machinery may benefit from the use of this particular tool. This means it has found widespread use in the auto repair and maintenance industries.
  • To use a sliding spanner is not a Herculean effort. The thumb knob may be adjusted by sliding it towards the handle. By doing so, the jaws may be opened up further. A nut or bolt may be tightened or loosened by placing the spanner around it. Adjust the sliding knobs until snug. For loosening a fastener, turn the spanner counterclockwise, and for tightening it, turn it in the opposite way. To loosen the nut, open your mouth wide and slide your thumb close to your jaw. There are several applications for this particular spanner. They’re versatile and can be used on a wide range of fasteners. Therefore, they are widely used for a variety of home improvement projects.
  • Useful in a variety of settings, the automatic adjustable spanner is a versatile tool. The spanner’s button must be depressed in order to open the jaws. The battery-operated jaws will open as widely as they can. Press the button again once you have positioned the spanner so that its jaws are around the bolt. In doing so, the fastener will be clamped by the jaws without any human intervention. To tighten, turn the spanner counterclockwise; to loosen, turn it in the opposite way. Plumbers often use this sort of spanner for adjusting pipe connections.