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The majority of scrapers available now feature metal blades. While some have blunt edges, others have been honed. Scraping requires a specific amount of force regardless of the adherent you are attempting to remove off another surface, be it paint, rust, construction adhesive, or even burnt-on food residue.All it takes to lose control of the scraper is a little bit of force or losing contact with the surface. Injuries to people or damage to the surface being scraped could come from this. Metal scrapers are inappropriate in some work contexts because they can ignite when used on other metal surfaces.Is the answer a ceramic scraping tool? Maybe. Sadly, the majority of scrapers with ceramic blades have extremely sharp blades. They are equally as deadly as scrapers with metal blades since they may easily lacerate or penetrate someone with one slip.

What Is a Ceramic Scraper?

Any instrument with ceramic blades in a scraper handle fits this description. However, not all ceramic blades are safe, particularly when used in a tool that needs force to operate, as was already mentioned.Utility scrapers like Slice excel in this situation. Our scrapers use exclusive double-angle, 100 percent zirconium oxide scraper blades that are safe to touch. In comparison to conventional blades, even if the scraper slips and the blade comes into contact with your skin, a laceration or puncture wound is much less likely.

Which Ceramic Scraper Tool Is Right for You?

The 10591 Manual Utility Scraper has flexible hand grips and soft-touch comfort grips on a sturdy glass-filled nylon handle. After using the tool, you can manually retract the blade into one of two predetermined positions to protect both the blade edge (from unintentional damage) and yourself. A blade change doesn’t require any special equipment.The 10593 Auto-Retractable Utility Scraper has a distinctive, ergonomically sophisticated design that improves user safety and comfort. Given that the user’s thumb absorbs the pressure of the adherent’s resistance against the blade edge, auto-retractable scrapers typically increase the risk of hand strain. Slice developed the SureScrapeTM mechanism in the handle to address this issue by absorbing any pressure applied to the blade during the scraping motion. As a result, the 10593 is ergonomically sound and comfortable to use for extended periods of time.The scraper blade automatically retracts into the handle as soon as the user lets go of the slider. Another illustration of how Slice innovates to produce safer tools is SureScrape.