Best Planer Knives At The Moment

Planer Knives

Depending on the type of wood that needs to be planed, different types of steels are used to manufacture planer knives.Traditional steels, fast steels with varying wolframe percentages, and tungsten carbide, which is weld-brased using a cutting-edge technology that ensures flawless quality. In specially designed, controlled furnaces, the steel is tempered until it achieves the required crystalline structure and characteristics. The hardness varies based on the type of steel from 58 to 65 HRC. The TOP line, which includes the best quality type, the Green line, appropriate for non-high performance, and the RADIS line, the extended life coating, are used in the production of ILMA planer knives. They can be created in any height and thickness upon request, or in the conventional heights of 20-25-30-35×3 with a 40-degree bevel. To guarantee precise balance on the cutter head, ILMA planer knives are manufactured with centesimal tolerances.