Best Lawn Mower Accessories At The Moment

 Lawn Mower Accessories

You clearly need more than just a lawn mower to complete your collection of gardening equipment. Having the correct attachments for your mower means you can give your lawn the TLC it deserves. Among these extras are string trimmers for the perimeter of your lawn, earplugs for safe gardening, lawn feed, and cable extenders for your power equipment. Using a weed burner might be helpful if you have weeds growing in the grout between your tiles. When you use grass catchers, you may avoid having to pick up all the chopped grass by collecting it in one place. You can get more done in less time and with more efficiency with the correct accessories for your lawn mower. Inexpensive enhancements may make your model more manageable, more powerful, and more pleasant to use. Our favourite additions are listed here. Middletown Tractor Sales is the place to go if you’re curious in lawn mowers or want to look at what they have available. Mowers for both home and business use are available from us. We have stores in Washington and Uniontown, Pennsylvania, and Fairmont and Buckhannon, West Virginia.

Best Lawn Mower Accessories

The Use of a Brush Stopper

You take a chance every time you use your lawnmower and could knock anything over. As an example, you may accidentally run over a branch, which then slides under the gate and causes severe damage. You may either spend money fixing it or buy a brush guard or bumper to protect the front of your mower. Models with radiators located behind the front grill will benefit greatly from this change.

Mulch-Related Tools

You will collect a lot of grass cuttings after mowing your lawn. Although it may seem that these clippings should be thrown away, they may be put to good use in improving the quality of your grass. Grass clippings may be reused by attaching a mulching kit to your mower and mowing over the mulched grass. You’ll save time and effort by not having to haul the clippings to the dump, and your grass will benefit from the nutrients that are returned to the yard. Mulching kits typically consist of a specially crafted blade and a stopper to seal off the opening via which clippings would normally enter the collecting system.

Protection for your lawnmower

Your time spent maintaining your lawn will be much more pleasant with a lawn mower cover. It may shield you from the hot sun so that you can work in your garden without overheating. The greater the size of your property, the longer it will take to mow, therefore investing in rider comfort is more important. This canopy is not only inexpensive but also simple to set up.


To avoid the heat of the day, you may do your lawn work in the wee hours of the night. It may be more convenient for you to mow the grass at this time of day, but it’s not easy to control the mower in the dark. Rather of waiting until the sun is up, you can take care of your lawn at a time that is more convenient for you by installing lights on your mower. LED lights are available as accessories for many types of mowers, including walk-behind models. These bulbs may provide more light while using less energy, and they last longer, too.

One of those wheeled carts for hauling stuff around

You can easily navigate your lawn with the help of your zero-turn mower. Add a tool cart to it to make it an even more valuable asset. Zero-turn mowers often have the capability to pull a trailer or cart, allowing you to move various objects. transport landscaping equipment to the job site, transport trash to the dumpster, and similar tasks. Innumerable labor-saving tasks may be accomplished with the help of your zero-turn mower and utility cart. We hope this information was of some use to you. Middletown Tractor Sales is the place to go if you need assistance selecting the proper accessories or are interested in perusing a wide variety of lawn mowers now available. We have several types of mowers available, including riding mowers for the home, commercial mowers, zero-turn mowers, and walk-behind mowers. So whether you’re looking for a new or pre-owned vehicle, our staff can assist you choose the ideal vehicle. Residents of both Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and Morgantown, West Virginia, are among those we are pleased to assist.

Lawn mower blades

If you own a home and care about your lawn, you need a lawn mower. In the same way that a haircut makes you feel and look better, a freshly trimmed lawn makes your property look better and more inviting to guests. The market is flooded with lawnmowers of all shapes and sizes, each with its own unique set of capabilities. You may have a hard time deciding which lawn mower is best for you. Doing so without first acquiring sufficient background knowledge could prove disastrous. Depending on the type of land you have, you’ll need a different kind of lawn mower. Each one is unique in terms of its characteristics and aesthetics.

Mulch Tool Set

Optional but essential for the pickiest non-bagger in the business world! Cuttings may be contained for better mulching by using channels that attach to the deck’s bottom and prevent the outflow. The kit’s mulching blades are wavy for further convenience.

Infrastructure for Residential Two- and Three-Bagger Collections

The residential rear bagging system’s 7.2 bushel capacity blasts clippings into bags that can be removed and thrown away. For use with mowers of the MZ, Magnum, and ZT Elite series.

Commercial Garbage Collection Methods for Two and Three Bags

This bagging system makes quick work of dealing with tough cuttings thanks to its mower-assisted drive blower, stronger strength metal sealed bearings, and included impact bumper. The bags may be quickly removed for disposal of cuttings. Patterns appropriate for Maverick and the latest Outlaw Class riding zero-turn mowers.

Bagger, Side

This 3.75 bushel fast-mount bagger is a simple and quick bagging solution for several of our most popular models, including the all new Revolt Stand-On.

Grabber Grass Cutter Accelerator

Easy to install and remove, this replacement chute for your Bad Boy makes short work of your clippings. (Used on any mower save the 72) “decks.)

Guard for the Bumpers of Baggage Carriers

Protect the bagging system’s attachments with this all-metal frame. Accessible on a business basis with a residential conversion option.

Rotating Shredders

Replaces the blades you normally use for cutting. Fits a wide variety of deck widths.

Mounting a Container in Front

Connects to the first two “Outlaw Class Mowers have a receiver port. Cargo netting is included for further security.

Clip for Holding a Weed Whacker on a Rolling Object Protective Structure

This alternative, which attaches to the ROPS of your mower, means that you can bring your weed whacker with you everywhere you go!

Discrete Baskets in the Back

Available in variants that are compatible with our MZ, ZT Elite, Maverick, and Outlaw series mowers. You may bring along any additional equipment, tools, or yard maintenance supplies you might need. Identify your mower model before placing your purchase.

Baskets for Behind the Seat: R-Series

Compatible with our MZ, ZT Elite, Maverick, and Outlaw series mowers. If you need to bring along any additional equipment, tools, or yard care supplies, they’re the best friend you could ask for on the road. When placing an order, please be sure to include your mower model.

Stripes to Attach to a Frame Kit

Transform your lawn into a professional baseball diamond. Our striping kits will allow you to paint perfectly straight lines on your baseball field. For a clean, uniform look that’s fit for a professional ball field, try out our Frame Mounted Striping Kit, which comes with heavy-duty, flexible rubber flaps. Attaches to the frame at the back, above the wheel wells. The height is maintained regardless of how low the deck is trimmed.

Stripe Kit for Installing on a Deck

Transform your lawn into a professional baseball diamond. Our striping kits will allow you to paint perfectly straight lines on your baseball field. In order to achieve a polished, baseball-field-like appearance, we’ve designed our Deck Mounted Striping Kit with durable, heavy-duty bendable rubber flaps that lay down freshly cut grass. Mounts to the deck’s rear edge and is height-adjustable for optimal use. Compatible with the ZT Elite, Maverick, and Diesel.

LEDs in Pairs

LED square lights with an 8000 lumen output, low current draw, and a stainless steel casing, mounting hardware, wire harness, and illuminated rocker switch.

Anchoring Handle

Mounts to the mower’s front frame bar and provides a convenient hand while getting on and off the mower. Universal design; suitable for all makes and models.

Protective Cap

The sun is finally shining in your direction. As sturdy as the mower it protects. Mounting using ROPS is required. Note that this does not include MZ.

Convertible Canopy Top

Wearing this shirt in the ZT and MZ will help you stay cool while staying out of the sun. This canopy may be installed and taken down without the need of our ROPS.

Bad Boy mowers with or without rollover protective structures may use these covers.

Changeable Grips

These may be easily attached to your steering levers through bolts, allowing you to fine-tune the operator’s fit. The ZT and all MZ steering arms that come standard on our Diesels, Outlaws, and Mavericks are compatible with these.

In-Front Sprayer

Use it while sitting on the mower to spray from a distance, or get off to spray inaccessible spots; the sprayer is versatile enough to work in both scenarios. (This one goes out to the Lawbreakers and Diesels)

The Belt Tension Indicator

Correctly adjusted to detect any deviation from flawless belt performance.

Limited-Edition Bad Boy, No Holds Barred Vector Tires

Get the attention you deserve with our unique Bad Boy No Limit Vector Wheels. These high-quality aluminium rims are machined to withstand the rigours of mowing for years and to give your mower a unique look. These Bad Boy No Limit Vector Rims are available in 12″x8.5″ and 12″x10.5″ sizes to accommodate the Renegade, Rogue, Rebel, and Maverick.

Those Are Some Exclusive Bad Boy No Limit Wheels

Our 12×8 “No Limit’s unique rear rims are made from aircraft-grade aluminium and are a stylish addition to your Bad Boy Mower’s impressive performance. Only top-tier ZTs are allowed.

Treads for Reaping the Turf

Exclusive to Bad Boy Lawnmowers! With its suppler sidewalls and wrap-around grip edge, these tyres provide a comfortable ride and excellent traction on rough terrain. Those from MZ are not included.

Tyres for Field Use: Fieldtrax

Thanks to the FieldTrax tyres’ excellent traction and stability, you can confidently traverse any surface. Those from MZ are not included.

Flat-Barrel Tires

Tire tread designed for use on tractors, ideal for gripping uneven ground. Ideal for a firm hold and effortless release. Those from MZ are not included.

No Blowouts

These solid form tyres for front forks will keep on functioning even if punctured. All standard makes and models are covered.

Wheels with Chromed Covers

Wheels for the front and back of your Bad Boy that really make it stand out. Mower blade sizes range from 6 inches to 12 inches. Note that this does not include MZ.

Device to Prevent Damage from a Rollover (ROPS)

Mowing on sloped terrain is easier with this add-on shield for our best-selling ZT Elite and Magnum Series Mowers. Easily folded up and stored thanks to the quick-release pins. (Optional safety belt installation is included.)

Rope-Operated Lighted Post

High-intensity, low-current LED light bar with 12,000 lumens, housed in a cast aluminium alloy enclosure with stainless steel mounting hardware, wiring harness, and illuminated rocker switch.

Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker with Wet Sounds

Powerful Bluetooth six-speaker system (180 watts) with RF wireless control for listening to your favourite motivational tunes while getting stuff done.

Setup for Front-Mounted Tool Box

Put a high-strength, weather-proof toolbox on the front of your 2 “receiver hitch, which offers easy-to-access storage for tools.

Power Assisted Grass Mower Lift

Used for servicing the undercarriage of ZT Elite, MZ Magnum, and MZ mowers. With the arm locked in place, the mower can’t go down by mistake. Not suitable for commercial mowers.

Protective Bumper Pads

There are two different sizes of front guards for your ZT Elite, MZ Magnum, or MZ: 8 inches and 14 inches.

Bucket and Tongs, Side-Mount Rebellion

Often chosen because of its tailor-made mount for the New Revolt, which allows for more flexible use. You can pick up garbage quickly and easily without getting up from your seat. You may also buy a bucket on its own.

a device used to push snow aside

Power snow ploughs may be mounted on the front hitch receiver of an Outlaw or Diesel and controlled with a handlebar-mounted thumb switch.

Isolation Kit for Seats

A suspension plate may be attached between the mower and the seat to dampen vibration and ease strain after long days on the job. No MZs or MZ Magnums included.