Best Hss Drill Bits At The Moment

HSS drill bits

The drilling instrument known as high-speed steel drill bits, or HSS, is created by alloying carbon steel with additional substances like vanadium and chrome. They can sustain severe use because they are heat resistant, robust, and extremely durable. HSS drill bits are safe to use at high speeds and promise long-term performances when kept in good condition.


Compared to the others, it is softer and more shock-resistant. It bends more as well but doesn’t have the red-hardness characteristics of the others. Hardness can, however, be increased by quenching and hardening. Saw blades and all other cutting equipment can be used with M1 HSS drill bits.


M2, widely considered as the most well-liked high-speed steel used as an industry standard, is appropriate for a variety of uses. It consists of drill bits, milling cutters, knives, broaches, taps, twist, and milling cutters. The T1 was supplanted as the industry standard while having a similar hardness. It boasts an exceptional 4700 MPa bending strength. Additionally, compared to T1, it has 50% greater thermoplasticity and hardness. Contact NC Cutting Tools for specialised tool production and design if you require the best HSS drill bits for metals and drilling.


High impact toughness, high wear resistance, and transverse bend strength are three characteristics that set M4 HSS apart. Vanadium carbides are the source of its great impact toughness and resistance. It is used to create high-quality cutting instruments including twist drills, saw blades, wire saws, and bears, among others.


M42 includes 8% more cobalt on top of the molybdenum that serves as the main component. That explains why it identifies using the symbol HSS-Co. Because of its exceptional red-hardness, it is perfect for metalworking. Compared to using carbide as the material, it is fairly affordable and less prone to chipping during interrupted cuts. Make sure to get in touch with NC Cutting Tools if you want to customise any tools that use M4 HSS as the active material.


You can rely on M50 HSS to complete the task if the application calls for the use of drill bits and breakage seems to be a significant problem. Although it doesn’t have the same red-hardness as other tungsten HSS, its flexibility makes it perfect for hardware and contractor stores. Keep in mind that NC Cutting Tools has the ability to produce any of these HSS drill bits based on consumer demand. You can select the size, design, and specification required to complete the task. These include cutting instruments like wire saws, gang saws, chain saws, and circular saws. Additionally, grinding equipment including edge grinding wheels, idler wheels, and tumbling barrels.

MASTERCRAFT Titanium Twist Drill Bit Set

This is a result of the titanium-coated high-speed steel manufacturing process. Titanium not only penetrates metals the best, but it also lubricates the surface to lessen friction. This set of drill bits has roughly six times the lifetime of normal bits thanks to the titanium coating. It sports a split point tip that lessens bit wandering on metal surfaces, facilitating drilling. The diameters range from 1/16th of an inch to 12 inch, making them appropriate for everyday drilling use in the home or even in business. Additionally, it includes a drill bit organisation case with labelling for each size on the tray. The best thing about this drill bit set is that you no longer have to worry about losing a particular size bit and destroying the entire set. With 230 parts included in the set, MASTERCRAFT gives you ample extras in case you lose one.

XTREMEPOWERUS 8PC HSS Silver And Deming Drill Bits Set

This is a highly affordable and practical drill bit set if you mostly need to drill large holes. These are a long-lasting and robust solution since they are made of industrial-grade high-speed steel, and a thin coating of black enamel avoids damage when a bit bites metal. The smallest size of these drill bits, which come in a package of 8, is 9/16th of an inch. The regularity of the drill sizes and length in the component that clamps on to the check is what distinguishes them and makes them worthwhile of consideration. In order to avoid having to adjust the chuck each time you switch bit sizes, each drill bit is 6 inches long and has the same diameter. As you drill holes in metal, the special twist design makes it possible for the debris to clean out rapidly. Any large-diameter bits should be worked on a drill press for optimal results. If you use a hand drill with a high RPM, the sharp edges and lack of a lubricating layer cause them to bite on metals and can cause catastrophic damage.

ATE 8PC HSS Cobalt Silver And Deming Drill Bit Set

When used in metals with low stiffness and density, cobalt and high-speed steel alloy drill bits are robust, resilient, and efficient. These have a black oxide and silver coating to prolong their life by preventing chipping and edge blunting. If you require bits of a lower size, these are not the place for you because the set’s smallest size is 9/16 inches. However, they do demonstrate good effectiveness when drilling larger holes into metals. Because the sharp edges can bite into a metal and cause it to break or seriously injure someone, using a drill press is always advised.