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Any plumber, landscaper, framer, or builder worth their salt needs a PVC pipe cutter for a wide variety of common tasks. A PVC cutter’s straightforward mechanism makes it easy for anyone to cut through plastic pipes like PVC, PEX, CPVC, and PPR. It’s important to remember that the blades on this kind of pipe cutter are sharp, despite the fact that the tool operates similarly to a pair of pliers (squeezing the handle to cut the pipe). Whether you need to cut large-diameter pipes or garden hoses, the type and size of PVC cutter required will vary depending on the project, the pipe size, and the pipe material (if you’re looking for a tube cutter that can cut pipe other than just PVC). While most PVC cutters can handle pipes up to four inches in diameter, some only go as small as a quarter inch. The best tool for making clean, precise cuts in pipe is a PVC pipe cutter, but there are other options. In order to get perfectly straight cuts, experts need just pencil in the location of the cut, position the blade above the mark, and cut carefully. If you’re having trouble cutting through PVC plastic pipe, check out the purchase guidance we’ve provided down below.

Types of PVC Pipe Cutters

PVC pipe can be easily cut with a handsaw, albeit the process may get dirty fast. PVC may be cut in a wide variety of ways, and the fact that it is so easy to do so with a handsaw just adds to the versatility of the material. The challenge is understanding when to utilise one tool over another to get the work done as professionally as possible.

Ratcheting PVC Pipe Cutters: A pipe cutter with a ratcheting mechanism uses ratchet drive technology to repeatedly apply pressure onto a blade that’s set against plastic. Clamp the blade against the pipe, press the handles together, let go of the mechanism, and clamp again. Continue doing this until the blade has penetrated the whole pipe.

Single Stroke/Spring-Loaded PVC Pipe Cutters: A spring-loaded cutter is suitable for cutting pipes of a variety of sizes. One advantage of this design is that the cutting edge is more robust and the tool may be kept open by the spring. The spring-loaded grip makes it possible to make clean cuts with only one motion.

Electric PVC Pipe Cutters: Battery-powered pipe cutters are powerful and can cut through multiple PVC pipes in a shorter amount of time than a manual PVC cutter. Electric tools may be more expensive than their manual counterparts, but they are more efficient and hence more common in most toolboxes. Many buyers may witness to the fact that this design has a cleaner cut compared to others.

Hand Saw: As mentioned, this type of cutting can get messy but can provide more flexibility. Cutting a pipe with a hacksaw will leave ‘burrs,’ as they are called in the trade. In order to have a nice, smooth finish to your pipe, you’ll want to have a professional take off those rough spots.

Choosing The Best PVC Pipe Cutters

Find the best PVC pipe cutting tool for your needs by reading reviews and asking around. Before you go out and buy one, think about these things.

Cutting Capacity: Take a look at the pipe diameter and ensure the PVC cutter can easily slice through it. Because cuts might be as small as 1/4 inch or as large as 4 inches in diameter, it’s important to be sure your hand tool can handle the job. There are PVC cutters that can rip through thicker pipes, and there are others that are made just for thin ones.

Outer Diameter vs Inner Diameter: The mention of cutting capacity on a product’s specification sheet refers to the outer diameter of a pipe, not the inner diameter. The distance between two adjacent outside edges is the outer diameter, whereas the distance between two adjacent inside edges is the inner diameter. Always take the outside diameter measurements into account when selecting a PVC cutter; for instance, a PVC pipe with a 1.62-inch diameter will have a greater outer diameter on the schedule of the pipe.

Blade Material: In addition to a sharp pipe cutter blade, there are a few different blade types that can improve performance, strength, enhance the sharpness of a cut, and help with easy cutting. The blade on almost every PVC pipe cutter has been hardened by heat treatment, allowing for cleaner, more precise cuts. Blades made from heat-treated steel are both more flexible and more resistant to breaking under heavy cutting loads.

Durable PVC Pipe Cutter—AIRAJ PVC Pipe Cutter

The AIRAJ 1/2-inch PVC pipe cutter is built to last and can cut through tubing that is 2.5 inches in diameter. This ratcheting pipe cutter has been praised by several buyers for its ability to effortlessly cut through PVC pipe. These pex cutters are a steal at around US$30 and include an angled blade that makes quick work of cutting through PVC tubing. First of all, it’s less expensive than a new blade for my Ridgid cutter at roughly $25 after tax, and yet it seems to be just as high quality, being made entirely out of metal. Here comes the good part… The triangular shape of the blade allows it to puncture the PVC rather than just exerting pressure on its surface. Immediately, the PVC is pierced, and it slices through like butter.

RIDGID 31632 Quick-Acting Tubing Cutter, Heavy-Duty PVC Pipe Cutter

You can get a PVC pipe cutter with a few more features and design benefits for a little bit more money if you spend a little more on a model like the Ridgid 31632 quick-acting tool. The American company has developed a blade that can cut through plastic between a quarter and a half a metre in thickness, and it has an ergonomic handle. Besides steel, it is capable of slicing through copper, brass, and aluminum. A plumber once remarked, “My frustration has decreased and the results produced have drastically improved” after upgrading to higher quality equipment. This tubing cutter is sturdy and does its job well. The extra money was well worth it to me because Ridgid is a brand I trust.

Easily cut PVC pipes with the Husky Ratcheting Pipe Cutter

The Husky ratchet tool’s ratcheting motion and fast-swap blades make it an efficient and practical tool for cutting PVC pipe up to 2.37 inches in outer diameter. The improved user experience afforded by the one-handed release mechanism aids straight-line cutting for the consumer. When these blades eventually wear out, you may buy new ones to replace them. One satisfied buyer said, “The hefty 1 14-inch ratcheting PVC cutter is such a time-saver; all you have to do is press.” For the sprinkler manifold, I needed to cut a 1-inch schedule 40 PVC pipe using it. There isn’t a lot of bulk to this instrument. I had to remove an old component from the manifold and couldn’t get a saw in there, but the Husky ratcheting PVC cutter made short work of the task.

Inexpensive and Dependable PVC Pipe Cutters by IRWIN Tools

The IRWIN Tools PVC pipe cutter, which retails for less than $15 USD, is a high-quality tool that has received rave reviews from consumers for its precise cuts. Its sharp, precise design lives up to the company’s reputation for dependability. This has an extendable handle and an extra blade lock, allowing it to cut pipes up to 1.5 inches in diameter. One satisfied buyer gushed, “I’m extremely optimistic I will continue to receive many, many years of usage cutting PVC and other material.” Clearly a well-thought-out and reliable structure. I was able to cut several pieces of 3/4-inch PVC with no problems,” said another reviewer. Very precise trimmings.

Cut PVC Pipes at an Angular Distinction with the Liberaton PVC Pipe Cutter

The Libraton cutter is a powerful tool that easily slices through PVC pipes thanks to its high-quality Japanese steel construction and Teflon-coated blade. It’s not just a PVC cutter, but it also works for PPR and PEX, and the spring-loaded handle makes it simple to unload the blade after each cut. A customer stated, “Comparable instruments of comparable quality cost 2–4 times the price of this one, or even more.” This tool is sturdy (it’s constructed out of metal) and it makes quick work of 3/4-inch PVC pipe.

PVC Pipe Roller Cutter by QWORK, a Powerful Plastic Pipe Cutter

The QWORK heavy-duty hand tool has a larger cutting capacity (inner diameter) for PVC pipes (from one inch to three inches) than any of the other cutters on this list. Customers praised the sturdy construction and length of the adjustable handle. The standard model is built around two wheels, but more powerful versions with three wheels are also available. “You won’t go wrong here if you need to quickly cut 2.5-inch steel pipe,” said one reviewer. It cuts like a dream and seems to be well made, so it should last a long time. Another reviewer stated, “This pipe cutter performed admirably!” Get one if you’re in need of it! Don’t bother looking for another one again. Tough as nails and expertly shaped! simple in operation.”

Milwaukee M12 12-Volt Cordless PVC Pipe Shear, Charger, and Hard Case Electric PVC Pipe Cutter

The Milwaukee M12 12-volt cordless PVC pipe shear is the most powerful pipe cutter on the market, capable of slicing through two-inch schedule 80 PVC in a matter of seconds. It runs on a lithium-ion battery and can cut through rubber hose, CPVC pipe, and PEX pipe. With its quick blade return feature, this pipe cutter, like most battery-powered models, can make several cuts in a minute. “The PVC cutter is a fantastic piece of equipment,” said one satisfied buyer. A great way to save time. Eliminating the need for manual typing eliminates strain on the hands. Reviews have been mixed, however one user said, “Works wonderfully, saves clean-up time over a Sawzall, and [is] lot faster than ratchet cutters.”

DONIBOX 2.5 Inch Pipe Cutters are long-lasting pvc pipe shears.

DOMINOX pipe cutters come in 14 various sizes, and its triangular blade makes clean cuts with little damage to plastic pipes. You won’t need much strength to operate them, since they have a ratcheting mechanism that makes cutting PVC pipe a breeze. It includes a lock so you can put it away without worrying about it opening up. It “cuts quite easily and rapidly,” as one reviewer put it. A short pull on the handle deploys the blade. It remains closed after the cut. Tight areas are no match for the ratcheting motion. There are no burrs left behind by this razor-sharp blade. It’s very suggested that you read this. Recently installed 500 feet of 2-inch central vacuum pipe and used it extensively on 1-and-a-half-inch schedule 80 PVC.

Ridgid PC-1375 ML Single-Stroke PVC & Tube Cutter

The PC-1375 single-stroke PVC pipe cutter is another example of Ridgid’s commitment to producing high-quality products. The mechanism, unlike others using ratchet drive technology, can make clean cuts in PVC pipe up to 1.37 inches in diameter with a single stroke. It is constructed of aluminium and can cut a wide variety of tube materials, including PVC, CPVC, PP, PEX, PE, and multilayer tubing. The nicest feature about using this device to cut PVC pipe is that it leaves a clean edge. There aren’t any burrs. 0 degrees. In the absence of broken corners. Totally seamless,” one reviewer said. In addition, just a little amount of force is needed to reduce the internal leverage. However, I was able to easily cut through a 1-inch PVC pipe without any problems when I needed to do some emergency plumbing. I haven’t found a better tool in recent memory. We give it our highest recommendation.