Best Drilling Accessories At The Moment


The best drill bits for steel or hardened metal undoubtedly contain a cobalt blend. These cobalt drill bits are made of a 5%–8% cobalt alloy. Since cobalt is a component of the steel mixture, a coating won’t cause the bit’s hardness to diminish. It continues throughout the whole piece.

These bits may also be sharpened, which is a very useful feature. When you consider that cobalt drill bits are significantly more expensive than other twist drill bit types, this becomes important. As opposed to titanium or black oxide bits, you should save these bits for when you actually need them.

Add a drop of oil to the metal surface before drilling a hole with a cobalt bit to keep the cutting edge from overheating. If at all possible, you should also think about putting some wood underneath the steel. This enables you to cut through the material cleanly and prevents you from running into anything that could dull the cutting edge.


Drill America D/A29J-CO-PC 29-pc Cobalt Set

The M42 cobalt bits made by Drill America stood up incredibly well when drilling through anything we threw at them. Their jobber bits were chosen as our top drill bits for hardened steel after extensive testing with a variety of materials. You get a good, constant, and effective drilling pace thanks to the bits’ anticipated 135° split point. For on-site drilling, the jobber length bits perform incredibly well in cordless drills. They are produced in compliance with National Aerospace Standard 907. Due to their extreme hardness, they can drill up to 30% quicker than standard M2 high-speed steel bits. Additionally, Drill America doesn’t grind the shafts on its larger bits, giving you additional stiffness but also necessitating the use of a 1/2-inch chuck to drive them. When drilling hard, high tensile-strength materials like titanium or stainless steel, use these bits. The D/A29J-CO-PC kit was our choice. It comes with 29 bits in a casing that cannot break. It is straightforward to extract the precise part you need thanks to the spherical case.


Irwin 29-piece Cobalt M-42 Metal Index Drill Bit Set

We recommend the Irwin 29-piece M-42 Cobalt bit kit as the best metal drill bit set if you intend to drill steel or tough metal. In all honesty, it isn’t the fastest drilling bit that wins our approval. It has to do with the superior case and the M42 high-speed steel used in its construction. M35 steel, which contains 5% cobalt, is used in many less priced cobalt drill bits. An 8% cobalt mix is used in M42 steel. This increases its toughness. Furthermore, it enables faster drilling than M35. If you’re not planning to drill hardened steel, Irwin does offer an M35 cobalt set.

That takes us to the case, then. If you drill a lot, the case your bits come in is important. It can be difficult to access bits (Milwaukee, we’re talking to you!) or extremely prosperous—as in the case of this Irwin three-tier swing example. We adore the accessible pieces, and each bit’s front makes it simple to determine its size. The best drill bits for all types of metal applications are included in this package.


Milwaukee Red Helix Cobalt Drill Bits

Milwaukee Red Helix cobalt bits, which are on our list of the best drill bits, have a variable flute design that removes debris quickly. At what rate? Comparable 135° split-tip bits performed about 30% faster. They drill more effectively thanks to their distinctive design, which also promotes cooling. These parts thin out further toward the tip as a trade-off. To combat this, Milwaukee made them a little bit shorter than some others we’ve seen. But they also lowered the flutes in the direction of the shaft. The end result is a bit that is smaller and has a similar drilling depth.

The larger sizes have a Chip Breaker—a groove at the midpoint of the cutting edge that further prevents heat build up—and the 135° split point tip, which aids in starting your hole. We adore how swiftly these bits drill and how successfully they remove steel in spirals that are both compact and effective. These are among our top drill bits for steel, especially carbon steel, due to the special cutting head and flute design.


Diablo Rebar Demon Bits

You may occasionally need to drill through steel that is embedded in concrete. You need something like the Diablo Rebar Demon SDS-Max and SDS-Plus bits for those applications. Because you use the same bit to drill the hole and cut through the rebar, we like the design over Bosch Rebar Cutters. With a Bosch drill, you can start drilling in rotary hammer mode, switch to the Rebar Cutter in rotary only mode, and then finish the hole with your original bit.

These bits drill concrete quickly before continuing straight through rebar. It’s an obvious choice for productivity because there isn’t anything else on the market that competes at this point. We think that accessories should be functional, so if a small addition will help you save time and money, we’ll take it.


Milwaukee Hole Dozer Carbide Hole Saws

For drilling metal, the Milwaukee Hole Dozer with Carbide Teeth truly excels. In addition to stainless steel, it can take on anything that is softer or milder. These are the top metal drilling hole saws for electricians, HVAC technicians, and/or MRO professionals. Any Professional seeking for a general-purpose set of hole saws should rapidly fall in love with their productivity because they operate well in both metal and wood. It performs far better than bi-metal blades and can work with materials that carbide wood hole saws shouldn’t (or can’t) touch.


Irwin Unibit Cobalt Step Bits

Irwin Unibit Cobalt Step Bits are what our team reaches for when we need to drill thin metal quickly. These parts have a substantially longer lifespan thanks to the cobalt mix. We want step bits to last as long as possible because they are expensive and challenging to sharpen. Irwin recommends Speedpoint for these passages. It speeds up the hole’s opening and minimises wandering. We also have to confess that the fact that Irwin laser carved the dimensions directly onto the interior of the flute of these step bits helped them become our top step bits for metal. They don’t lose their effectiveness as rapidly as other parts we’ve utilised.