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Drill Adaptor

We’ve developed an adapter for use with Dumore drill heads and the hydraulic speed regulators Deschner Slimline Kinechek, PeckChek, and Skipchek. Greater adaptability at a lower price.  We have a solution for those who have used or are now utilising Dumore drills of models #24, 26, or 28 and have found the price of the check units to be too high to justify their continued usage of the drills. In response, we have developed a new universal adaptor that is compatible with all of Deschner’s standard Slimline Kinecheks. For less than half the price of the original check, you can have a leak-proof speed regulator for the Dumore drill with this updated adaptor and a Deschner Slimline Kinechek. Using this adapter, you may swap out your Dumore check unit or Deschner Drill Demon for one of our Slimline Kinecheks or one of our specialty units like the PeckChek or SkipChek. Using the Adapter, you may switch between Slimline models that use the same mounting bracket. Two bolts are loosened, and the check unit glides out or in. Drill now as you tighten the two bolts. The Adapter may be easily installed. You may start drilling right away after removing the Dumore check unit or Deschner Drill Demon, enlarging one hole on the top of the drill casing for clearance, attaching the new adapter, and installing the Kinechek. As with older models of the Dumore check unit or Drill Demon, the adapter is designed to be installed in the drill’s housing.

Best Drill Adaptor

Hexagonal tool holder & tapping adapter

The drill chuck of a cordless screwdriver may accommodate a tapping adapter or tool holder with a hexagonal shaft. As the name suggests, the tapping adapter may be used to clamp both cutting and hand taps. Square-to-hexagonal adapter


inexpensive and suitable for hobby use.

  • Quick internal thread cutting with the cordless screwdriver

e-Tapping adapter for hexagonal shaft threading QC adapters

GSR’s Thread QC Adapter, from the company’s innovative e-Tapping line, is a product innovation. For use with cordless screwdrivers, the e-Tappings have specific cutting tools. Quick Change is an abbreviation for such phrase. The quick-change inserts accommodate square shanks of 10 to 8.5 mm in diameter and have an inbuilt constantly adjustable safety slip clutch.
You can clamp machine taps, cut-in taps, and manual taps with the QC adaptor since they all use the same DIN standard. Machine taps from GSR’s Silverline range are highly recommended for use when tapping with cordless drills, thanks to their optimised cutting geometry for this application.


  • Commercially available, expert-grade. Optimal for use in the metal industry.
  • The quick-change inserts may accommodate any kind of tap (machine taps, hand taps and cutting taps).
  • There is hardly little time required for preparation.
  • Swift and accurate thread-cutting
  • The built-in sliding clutch prevents damage to tools.

hybrid tap drills

Although the combination tap pieces are not technically tapping adapters, they should be included for thoroughness. The combination tap bits on a hexagonal shank allow you to do three tasks at once. Methods of drilling, tapping, and deburring core holes. The bits’ “14” hexagonal shafts fit into the chucks of all commonly available battery-operated screwdrivers. They may be used on metals, plastics, and steels. Their design limits them to being used in relatively small holes. The bits are produced in a standardised manner.


  • 3-in-1 operations (core drilling, tapping and deburring)

Types of Adaptor

Travel adapters

The standard voltage and frequency of the AC mains electricity in many European and European-influenced nations is 230 volts and 50 hertz, respectively, and a wide range of power plugs and sockets are used. A problem occurs while attempting to transport an electrical gadget from one country to another that has a different kind of electrical socket. When you need to use an electrical plug from one country in a socket from another, you’ll need a passive electric power adapter, also known as a travel plug or travel adaptor. Using a travel adapter in a nation that provides power at a different voltage than the United States (often 120 volts, 60 hertz AC) might be dangerous if the connected gadget does not accept both input voltages.

Single-Region Travel Adapters

Most simply, you may get a travel adaptor that is only good for use in one specific location. These devices are not limited to usage in a select few nations; they may be used everywhere standard electrical outlets and voltages are utilised. While devices designed for use in only one location are often the most affordable, it’s important to keep in mind that this decision might restrict your travel options in the future. Some travel adapters are multi-way, allowing you to plug in numerous devices at once, while others allow you to use a single-region adapter with a multi-socket extension cord to accommodate more gadgets or higher power needs.

Multi-Region Travel Adapters

Instead, a plug adaptor that works in several countries or regions is a better choice. These are often more complicated or bigger devices, having a plethora of pins to fit a wide variety of sockets. They are essentially designed to work with several different types of plug and socket configurations used in different countries. The majority of multi-region travel adapters are able to accommodate plugs and sockets from a variety of different regions, including Europe, Asia, the United Kingdom, and North America. Again, your needs dictate whether a multi-region version is one- or two-way.

Universal Travel Adapters

As they can be used in the vast majority of countries, universal travel adapters are the most versatile choice. Keep in mind, however, that this adaptability comes at the expense of scale, particularly when compared to simpler single- or multi-region models The best universal travel adapter’s additional features may be a huge help, but their bulk might make them difficult to pack and bring along. In addition, this extra weight might make them seem less firmly connected in the socket, especially in less sturdy socket types as the US two-pin. Additionally, the bigger the universal travel adapter, the higher likelihood that it may block nearby sockets or not suit specific design.Converters that convert alternating current to direct current. Whether your home’s mains voltage is 120 or 230 volts AC, an AC-to-DC power supply can transform that energy into a low-voltage DC that can run your devices. AC adapters, often known as power bricks, wall warts, and chargers, are the small, detachable power supply for consumer devices.

Adapters for personal computers

A host controller is a piece of hardware that mediates communication between a computer and a peripheral device like a hard drive, network adapter, or user interface. A host controller is sometimes known as a host bus adaptor because of its role in translating between different bus protocols used by the computer and its peripherals. Similar to how a network interface controller may be referred to as a “adapter,” a graphics card can be referred to as a “display adapter.”

Connecting a peripheral device to a computer that requires a different kind of plug requires an adapter (also known as a dongle). They are often used to link legacy devices to a contemporary port, or modern devices to a legacy port, on an older system. These adapters might be completely passive, or they can include some kind of active circuitry.

An USB adaptor is a typical example.

Some serial port adapters let you link devices with either nine or twenty-five contacts, without compromising on power or signalling.

Modifiers for software

An adapter is a piece of code that conforms to the specifications of an existing component’s interface while actually using a different implementation.