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Although a bulb planter may not seem like a necessary item for every gardener, if you struggle with your soil type each year when planting flower bulbs, a bulb planter can make the job much more comfortable and straightforward. “There are so many tools that work well for bulb planting, but choosing the right one depends a lot on the number of bulbs you’re planting and where you’re planting them,” explains Erin Schanen, Troy-gardening Bilt’s partner, volunteer master gardener, and author of the blog and YouTube channel The Impatient Gardener.We conducted research on the top bulb planters that would increase planting productivity and offer a relaxing user experience. The simplicity of use, handle length, blade type, and length of each product were all taken into account. The Edward Tools Bulb Planter, which has a curved handle, a release mechanism for the soil plug, and a 4-inch blade with depth markings, is our favourite planter.

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Edward Tools Bulb Planter

Because it is constructed of sturdy reinforced stainless steel and has a pleasant grip that also serves as the soil release mechanism, the Edward Tools Bulb Planter is our top choice overall. Despite the fact that this bulb planter is undoubtedly intended for modest undertakings rather than seeding an entire yard, we believe that its premium construction and long-lasting components make it a dependable option for any recreational bulb planting. To help you accurately plant your bulbs, this planter has depth marks on the side in both centimetres and inches.

Husky 9-Inch Stainless Steel Bulb Planter

Although this Husky bulb planter is fairly comparable to our top pick overall, its key distinction is an even lower price. It is a tool that is comfortable to use for a long time while planting bulbs in a small garden or raised bed because of its rubber grip. After inserting a bulb, a similar squeeze mechanism allows the soil plug to return to its hole. Bulb planting is made more easier and less labor-intensive thanks to the serrated edge and depth markings. The built-in peg hole, which enables the planter to be hung on a hook or peg board after each usage, is one of its best features in our opinion. Similar to our top pick overall, we don’t advise using this tool for vast areas of your yard, but it’s a good alternative for smaller jobs because it’s reasonably priced and well-made.

The Dirt Snatcher Bulb Planter

The equipment you’re using should aid in the planting procedure if you’re squatting in a garden bed all day. The Dirt Snatcher is here. When you arrange your bulbs in this unusual bulb planter, a squeeze mechanism takes the soil plug out of each hole and makes it simple to replace it. The rubber grip on it is made to accommodate your fingers for a particularly cosy and precise planting experience. Despite the higher cost of this design, we believe that it is justified by the inventive function. Although this squeeze handle still isn’t the best option for individuals with joint pain or restricted mobility, in our opinion it significantly enhances the usability of a conventional bulb planter. Additionally, digging into the ground is simpler with shovel-tipped blades than with a conventional cone blade.

Perfect Garden Tool 39-Inch Steel Bulb Planter

Anyone wishing to prevent their back and knees from bending in flower gardens all day may consider a stand-up bulb planter. The robust, arrow-shaped planter blade on this 39-inch bulb planter from Perfect Garden Tool eliminates the need to throw away soil plugs and makes it simple to swiftly dig a 7-inch deep hole. You can also quickly aerate a lawn or plant bulbs in a larger garden using this stand-up bulb planter.While pressing down on the planter, it is simpler to maintain your balance thanks to the large centre step plate. We particularly value the wide handle on this tool since it allows you to hold it with both hands despite the fact that it is heavier than a bulb planter with a small handle. Although this planter is 39 inches tall, taller users might not find it comfortable. Due to its size and style, this tool is also one of the priciest choices in our collection, but we believe its user-comfort-focused design makes it well of a spend.

TCBWFY Auger Drill Bit for Planting

Using a power drill, you can swiftly make enough holes for all of your seeding requirements. Two distinct bits are included in this drill bit set from TCBWFY: a 3 x 12-inch bit and a 6 x 16.5-inch bit. Although you can drill as deeply into the soil as is necessary thanks to the increased length on both bits, you’ll want to be careful not to drill too far because there are no depth indicators built in. Anyone who values expediency over spending a full afternoon gardening will benefit from using this style of bulb planter. Schanen advises that a decent 3-inch auger on an 18-volt drill with a 24- to 28-inch shaft will work well with very little leaning over. When working with augers in soil that contains tree roots or stones or clay, caution should be exercised to prevent wrist or arm strain.

ProPlugger 5-in-1 Lawn and Garden Tool

We constantly search for versatile tools since the idea of acquiring yet another tool that only serves one purpose and takes up room in a toolshed is a real worry. All of your lawn and garden demands can be met by the ProPlugger 5-in-1 Lawn and Garden Tool. This tool does it all and is comfortable to use for extended periods of time, from removing weeds with deep roots to transplanting creeping grass. The middle barrel of this standing design includes two step levers on either side, allowing you to walk on it with either your dominant foot or both.

Berry&Bird Garden Bulb Planter

An fastidious gardener’s best friend is a bulb planter with depth indications, especially if soil-freeze warnings are an issue in your area. The 6-inch blade of this tool from Berry&Bird is clearly marked with centimetre and inch dimensions. This tool is solidly manufactured and will survive several seasons for a casual gardener even if it has a much more traditional design without a fancy plug-release mechanism or other useful features. Your tool also comes with a two-year warranty in case any of the parts are defective when it is delivered.

Bully Tools 10-Inch Steel Hand Seeder

Planting in clay soil can be challenging, but some bulbs, such as daffodils and grape hyacinths, are more tolerant of their growth conditions. The best tool for drilling deeply into compacted clay to plant bulbs or other seedlings is this bulb planter from Bully Tools. The sturdy steel handle won’t give way or bend while you’re pressing into the earth, and the curved, shovel-like edge makes it simpler to first infiltrate rocky or clay soil. Longer use is made more comfortable by the rubber-gripped handles, although if your hands are particularly prone to blisters, we advise using gloves.