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When active dust retrieval is not possible, the Collection Bag is remarkably successful at collecting particles. Both the EHL 65 One-Handed Planer and the HL 850 E Planer are compatible with the Chip Collection Bag. Since both planers have interchangeable exhaust ports, the Chip Collection bag may be connected to either side of the instrument, allowing you to concentrate on your job rather than cleaning up. One Chip Collection Bag is included.

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Best Brands of Collection Bag

Few of the most well-known cordless tool manufacturers in the UK, such as Festool, have introduced a new line of Power tool Accessories, such as the Collection Bag, for their customers at the most competitive prices. These can be found at Toolbit.

Features of Collection Bag

When active dust extraction is not possible, this method is effective at collecting debris. Attaches to the tool’s left or right side for convenient, unobtrusive use. It’s simple to empty and reuse thanks to the zippered entry.