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Bosch 1600A002U5 18V Li-ion 5.0Ah CoolPack Battery


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Bosch 1600A002U5 18V Li-ion 5.0Ah CoolPack Battery

The biggest advantage of this Bosch 5.0 Ah battery is that it can fully exploit its capacity, even in intense applications due to the CoolPack technology. Batteries become increasingly hot the longer they are in use and the more performance demanded from them during an application. Lithium-ion batteries must not be operated at a temperature of over 70 degrees Celsius. A CoolPack battery from Bosch con-stantly dissipates any heat outwards due to its special housing geometry with cooling fins. As a result it remains considerably cooler inside than conventional batteries and remains operational over the entire runtime of 5.0 Ah. The heat dissipation also has a positive effect on the lifetime of the battery, enabling it to last for twice as long as a battery without CoolPack technology. If the temperature does temporarily increase the Electronic Cell Protec-tion (ECP) developed by Bosch will react to protect the battery not only against overheating, but also overload and deep discharge.


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